Creating a QoQ Sales Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

What if you own a business/are working for someone and there is a need to quickly analyze sales and profit trends over the years by regions, segments, products, etc? How do you find out if current quarter sales/profits are getting better/worse compared to historical performance? What do you do to isolate and identify under-performing/unprofitable products?

These are just a few crucial questions business owners and managers alike want answered on a daily basis. While there are many available tools in the market that can perform such analyses, Tableau stands out when it comes to answering such questions at the speed of thought.

“Rubbish! Go tell it to the marines!” Some of you might want to yell at me.

Well, I am not here to argue or tell tall tales but show you how you can create a dynamic dashboard in Tableau to answer such questions in the blink of an eye. Yes, it takes a while to build the dashboard from scratch but once it is done and automated, it is just a matter of refreshing/updating the input data to reflect the latest results.

Data is beautiful.

Here is the link to the tutorial:

The input file used in the tutorial can be found in the video description.

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Jaiwa Wunpawng

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