Will the Hearts Go on?

How many of us went to see Titanic when it came out in 1997? As for me, I instantly fell in love with its characters, the story-line and of course, the theme song the first time I watched the movie.

Before long, everyone was talking about how handsome Leonardo DiCaprio was or how adorable Kate Winslet was and the like. Even a handful of my guy friends started wearing DiCaprio hairstyle. I admit I started having a crush on the actress as well. This was happening in Burma, a country that recently had just opened up to the outside world!

Putting the sentiments aside, it was a tragic event that took away many lives, families ruined and loved ones lost. In the end, the victims just became statistics for testing various predictive models using the Titanic data set.

I am no data scientist (a statistician who lives in San Francisco? 😁) myself but just someone who loves to visualize anything with whatever I can get my hands on, so here it goes. Using Tableau software, I am sharing how to create the Sankey diagram analyzing survivors and victims based on ports of embarkation. Link to the input file is included in the video description.

Data is beautiful.

Link to video:


Good luck and Best Regards,

Jaiwa Wunpawng